Quick Hostinger Overview

In order to assist users in building their online presence, Hostinger offers a variety of website service plans with strong hardware and features. They have set up 8 data centers to provide a quick connection from any location. These data centers are positioned in key areas to allow global coverage. 

Hostinger was founded in 2004. By offering quality hosting and routinely including new hosting solutions, they gradually attracted an increasing number of customers. Hostinger has a great reputation and tons of positive feedback, as you can see on hostadvice

Hostinger Overview

They are also the parent company of 000webhost, which was established in 2007. 000webhost provides free hosting services that allow beginners to set up their sites free of cost.

Now let’s have a look at some important information about Hostinger:

Hosting Services 

Hosting Service Hostinger

For smaller to medium-sized, low-traffic websites, Hostinger provides affordable shared hosting. VPS hosting and cloud hosting are better suited for resource-intensive websites since they provide greater resource allocation for increased performance.

But what is a resource-intensive website? 

A website with hundreds of thousands of monthly visits is a website that demands a lot of resources. Hence it is best suited for VPS hosting plan. 

However, it is unfortunate that Hostinger does not provide dedicated servers, which means their best option is VPS hosting. If you are looking for high speed and total resource control, which you get with dedicated hosting, you will not find it at Hostinger. 

But what you will find is a Minecraft server. Hostinger is one of the few well-known hosting companies that provide pre-configured Minecraft server hosting for less than $10 per month.

Website builder 

Hostinger website builder

The simplest method to get started creating a website is probably using a website builder. Hostinger offers this service as well. 

Hostinger website builder features a collection of ready-made website designs you may utilize as a starting point. Drag and drop interface makes it simple to add images, videos, maps, and other page components, and editing the content with your own text and images is similar to using any editor.

Customer Service

Service hostinger

There are two ways to contact their tech support team: live chat and tickets. Because their online chat is always open, you may start a conversation at any time with instant responses. 

The Hostinger customer service has an impressively short average wait time of just one or two minutes. They not only respond to your inquiries and offer assistance, but they also check to see if you have any other problems and offer you some tutorials on the subject.

Free trial

image 3

If you are unsure whether your Hostinger hosting package will meet your demands or not, you can use their free trial period to find out.  Even though there are a ton of evaluations available for the company, using their services is the best option to know exactly how good they are. You have 30 days,  to evaluate the performance and use all the services provided by Hostinger. You can get your payment back right away if you’re not happy.


When you add up all the services and robust hosting packages that Hostinger offers, it’s easy to see how they became so well-known. They receive a ton of positive consumer feedback, and the number of happy customers keeps rising.

They offer a variety of security mechanisms, CMS support, and trustworthy customer service. Their team is prepared to work with you to identify the issue that your website is having and come up with a quick fix.

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